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Accept Price Movement

a function when buying Shares which, if accepted, means your purchase will go through even if the price of the Shares moves during the transaction.



a fixed-odds bet you place on the future performance of a footballer listed on Football Index (which we also refer to as purchasing a “Share” in a footballer).

Charges Table




If your account becomes inactive we will make all reasonable efforts to contact you. We will send you an Inactivity Notice and if we have been unable to reach you 30 days after we have sent this notification a monthly administrative fee of 5.00 GBP will be charged to your account. We will continue to deduct this monthly administrative fee until there is a new transaction on the Account. The monthly administrative fee only applies to Accounts with a balance, your account will never be put into a negative position.



a daily pay-out on Shares held in your Portfolio, which can refer to Match Day Dividends, Media Dividends, or any other dividends Football Index pays out as part of a promotion.

Dividend Deadline

the deadline by which you must purchase a Share in order to be eligible for a particular Dividend pay-out. The Dividend Deadline for Match Day Dividends and Media Dividends is 4pm (London time) on the applicable day.

Dividend Table

the table setting out the applicable Match Day Dividends and/or Media Dividends payable in respect of Shares on a Bronze, Silver or Gold Match Day, or a Non Match Day, which can be found here.

Football Index

the Football Index gambling platform which operates like a stock market, allowing Traders to place Bets on the future performance of footballers.

Eligible Competitions

Europe’s top 5 leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1), the main two European club football tournaments (Champions League and Europa League) and the main two international team competitions (World Cup and European Championship, including European Championship qualifiers).


a daily measurement of the size of the whole Football Index market.

Game Rules

the official rules of how Football Index operates as a platform. It is really important that you read and understand the Game Rules before placing a Bet. PLEASE BE AWARE that we periodically update the Game Rules from time to time, which may include updating the Dividend Table and/or changing the way we pay out Dividends. Such changes may have a material impact on your open Bets, and it may influence how you place Bets and/or otherwise use Football Index.

Initial Player Offering (IPO)

the introduction of one or more footballers onto Football Index. For more information please see the Game Rules.

Instant Sell

a mechanism whereby you can cash out your Bet early, allowing you to instantly sell your Shares at the Instant Sell Price.

Instant Sell Price

the published price at which you can Instant Sell your Shares in a footballer at any given time.

Live Rankings

the section of our website/app comprising of the live Match Day Scores and Media Scores for that day. For more information please see the Game Rules.

Match Day

a day on which there is a match being played in an Eligible Competition.

Match Day Dividends (MDD)

pay-outs on the top ranking footballers in each category of the Match Day Rankings in accordance with the Dividend Table. See Match Day Dividends and the Game Rules for more info.

Match Day Rankings

a list of footballers ranked in order of their overall Match Day Score for that day.

Match Day Score

a performance score for a footballer for a particular Match Day, calculated by reference to our Match Day performance matrix.

Media Dividends (MD)

pay-outs on the top ranking footballer(s) in the Media Rankings in accordance with the Dividend Table. See Media Dividends and the Game Rules for more info.

Media Rankings

a list of footballers ranked in order of their overall Media Score for that day.

Media Score

a media score for a footballer for a particular day, calculated by the Media Scoring Algorithm.

Media Scoring Algorithm

our proprietary algorithm which monitors all UK online football news headlines.

Non Match Day

a day on which there are no matches being played across Eligible Competitions (sometimes referred to simply as a ‘Media Day’).

Pay-Out Time

typically between 9:00am (London time) and 11:00am (London time) on the day immediately following the day on which the applicable Dividends falls due, or such other time as we credit your account with the applicable Dividends.


a consolidated list of all your current Shares held.

Published Buy Now Price

The Buy Now price will be calculated using the average price of the lowest 900 Shares available through Offers.

Sell Order

an order to cash out your Bet early by placing Shares in the Sell Queue for other Traders to buy.


a Bet placed on a footballer.

Share Issuance

Share Issuance is when Football Index issues new Shares to the market and they're bought by Traders.


the difference between the Published Buy Now Price and the Instant Sell Price.


the amount paid in respect of a Bet / purchase of a Share.

Squad Players

a list of all remaining tradable footballers.  


United Kingdom, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada.

Top 200

a list of the 200 highest priced footballers. 


a customer/user on Football Index.


Match Day and Media Dividend totals as a percentage of the player’s 'Buy Now' price 12 months ago.


More on the Footie:

The FOOTIE is a Sentiment Index that acts as a barometer of momentum within the Market; essentially, how well FI is performing. Much like the FTSE 100 which was launched on 3 January 1984 and had a start value of 1,000.0, the ‘Footie’ launched in October 2015 with a base value of 1,000 points.


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