The UK and Jersey Gambling Commissions have suspended our operating licenses.
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Suspended Accounts

In order for us to comply with legal requirements it is necessary to verify personal details (including customers are aged over 18) submitted to us upon registration. 

How Do I Complete the Verification Process?

We will attempt to electronically verify your account where possible. If you do not pass this process we will ask that you send us copies of certain documents (see below).

Common reasons for failing the verification process include:

Entering incorrect name or an abbreviated version during registration;
Entering a house number and/or postcode incorrect during registration;
Entering an incorrect Date of Birth during registration;
Recent changes of address;
Residence in temporary, rented accommodation such as University Halls of Residence or HM Forces Barracks.

If we are unable to verify you we will ask you to send us a photocopy / scan of one document from each of the categories listed below:

Personal Identification - one Photo ID from the following list:


Driving Licence (UK only)
National Identification Card (UK only, photographic)

Address Verification - one of the following (non-electronic):

Utility Bill (less than 3 months old)
Copy of Bank Statement - (less than 3 months old)



  • Avatar
    rhys walton

    How long does it take to reply to an email? You’ve allowed me to deposit, now you’ve suspended my account as you cannot prove my age?

    You’ve breached the law already by allowing me to deposit.

    I expect a prompt response to this as I’m seriously annoyed with the failure of the customer service.

  • Avatar
    miles r

    I’m still waiting for my acc to be unsuspended.

    I’ve sent all required info but no reply

  • Avatar
    Ben smyth

    You have allowed me to deposit money but still cannot reply to an email regarding my account. This is wrong. Is this all about ripping people off?

  • Avatar
    Neil O Bracain.

    My account has been suspended, even though I could deposit money? I emailed but no response??

  • Avatar
    Kevin Keates

    You allowed me to deposit, then immediately suspended my account!! Seems to be a common theme. I’ve not received any requests for documents to be sent etc, I’m left scratching my head wondering why. Very poor

  • Avatar
    Richard warner

    I don't kno why I've deposited 50 pounds I cant do nothing with it sort it out asap

  • Avatar
    ricks w

    Can you friggin hurry up and un suspend my account!.. for crying out loud you have allowed me to deposit and trade from December, as soon as I put in an additional 6k you then suspend my account asking for proof of ID and how I obtain my funds, I then show you this proof and tell you how I get my funds and yet my frigging account is still suspended.. get your act together FI, why didn’t you just do this from the time people sign up! Why allow people to deposit there hard earned money first and then suspend there account ? Makes 0 sense.. sort out my account or give me all my Money back and I’ll just put it in a ISA account where they won’t suspend my frigging account!