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Withdrawing Funds

Customers are now able to withdraw the cash balance from your Football Index Account.

The process to withdraw funds has not changed. Customers will need to login to their Football Index Account and go to the Account area, where they can select to withdraw funds.

If you wish to withdraw funds from your Football Index  account back into your bank account please follow these simple steps:

1.) Log in on and click on 'Blue Account Icon'

2.) Click on ‘Withdraw’

3.) Enter the amount you would like to withdraw (min. is £0.01)

4.) Click ‘Confirm’


Question: I have withdrawn to a payment method which is no longer active/closed. What shall I do?

Scenario 1: The payment is not been processed yet
Football Index might be able to cancel the transaction before it gets processed, usually within 24 hours of your withdrawal requested being submitted. However, this is not guaranteed as it also depends on the internal processing times of a customer's bank.

Scenario 2: The payment has already been processed 
Should your withdrawal have already been processed on our end, it is very likely that your card issuer holds the funds in a temporary or “suspense” account as the details they hold for the payment method are no longer valid. In this case, we can provide you with a reference number of the payment which you will need to present to your bank who will be able to trace the funds for you.

Question: I have withdrawn funds but still haven't received them? 

Football Index is unable to process the funds
We will always try to process your withdrawal to your original payment method, in accordance with our 'closed loop' policy. However, this cannot always be guaranteed due to imposed card limits by VISA and MasterCard or where the card issuer doesn't allow the transfer. Therefore, we may process and pay withdrawals in a different payment method than the one you requested such as through different payment providers, a bank draft or wire transfer. For more information about this please contact our Customer Services team.



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    gary senna

    What happened to the free trial

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    Daniel Rice

    I am not able to Withdraw funds.

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    Nafes Ahmed

    why cant i put my money back into my bank account???

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    Nafes Ahmed

    i have divendends on 2 players total of 11 pounds but only 5 pounds appear in my cash balance..